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Event Coverage: Car Show Babes of the 2011 Manila Auto Salon

Photography by I AM THE aSTIG 2011 Manila Auto Salon Models pic1

Photography by I AM THE aSTIG 2011 Manila Auto Salon Models pic2

Car shows are never complete without Car Show Babes/Models. So here are some of the women of the 2011 Manila Auto Salon for your viewing pleasure. Photos taken with a YN467 flash mounted to the camera hotshoe, with the light bounced on a DIY white big-bounce card.

See the full gallery here: 2011 Manila Auto Salon Car Show Babes and Models

Black and White Car Photography: Porsche 911 GT3

Shooting in Black and White is harder than you think. We live in a world of color, and it is but natural for our eyes to be attracted to bright and colorful things. So shooting with the absence of color takes on a whole new meaning.

It’s no longer about shooting to show the best visual representation of the scene, but rather, shooting the photograph to communicate feeling. More attention must be put on composition, lighting, and perspective.

But being able to nail something in black and white makes me feel real good about myself, much like how this Porsche 911 GT3 makes you feel.

Joby Tanseco Porsche 911 GT3 Custom Pinoy Rides I AM THE aSTIG
Joby Tanseco’s Porsche 911 GT3

Why did I shoot this car in black and white? Because for me, the design of Porsche cars are timeless. It has taken countless iterations across the years, but has still retained the same basic design and shape as it ever has. Even if you take a journey to the past on a time machine and you show this photo to any car enthusiast of the past, and they’ll instantly recognize it’s a Porsche, much like how you could instantly recognize classic Porsche cars today. What can I say? Ferdinand Porsche is a genius.

Natasha Chystsiakova Photoshoot at Winston Baltasar’s Advanced Strobist Workshop

I’m very grateful to Photographer and Instructor Winston Baltasar for sharing his knowledge to me about the business side of car photography. He invited me over to his studio at a time when I was stuck on a rut as to how I could derive income out of my specialty – car photography. See, there aren’t many professional car photographers in the Philippines. And by “professional”, I mean those being PAID to shoot the intricate niche of car photography. There are many hobbyists, but not many pros.

Being a former Managing Editor for Top Gear Magazine, Winston is more than qualified to share his thoughts about the subject matter. So I dropped by one Sunday, and since he was holding an Advanced Strobist Workshop, I decided to join. Even though I can consider myself to be an advanced strobist, I always keep an open mind an never close my doors to new learning opportunities, even for other types of photography such as portraiture.

Lucky for me because Winston’s model for that particular session was the lovely Russian model Natasha Chystsiakova. So here are some of my photos from the workshop. All of these were shot outdoor with a 2-light setup: A shoot-through umbrella camera right above head-level as my main light, and a bare flash with a velcroed DIY large bounce card camera left at around my shoulder-level as my fill light. You’ll see the two catch-lights on here eyes from the two light sources.

Natasha Chystsiakova THE aSTIG Photography Manila Philippines pic1
Being a Business Consultant, I’m more of a continuous improvement kinda guy. So if I had the chance to do this photosession again, I’d use a large softbox as my fill light to balance out the shadows in order to avoid the harsh shadow on her chin caused by the bag. I’ll also add maybe a reflector to light up the black bag a little more, and perhaps add a hair light.

But either way, I’m quite happy with how the photos turned out. Check out the rest of the photos below and tell me what you think on the comments section. Thanks!