Adventures of The Man behind


I AM THE aSTIGTHE aSTIG is the name given to the mysterious custom-vehicle connoisseur of He is not to be confused with The Stig of Top Gear, though attribution goes to The Stig.

THE aSTIG’s name is derived from the Filipino word “ASTIG” – a slang for “TIGAS”, which, when used as an adjective, translates to English as “HARD”, “TOUGH”, “INTENSE”, and “UNFAZED”.

Fueled by his passion for the art of photography, as well as his special interest in cars, his favorite activity is to write about, and take photographs of anything and everything to do about customizing cars. All his work, extraordinary ideas, and coverage about never-before seen or made customs can be found at – the premier online car show and e-magazine featuring custom cars, bikes, and 4x4s in the Philippines.

Apart from regular updates and features from the local Custom Car Scene, THE aSTIG also does client photoshoots of products and vehicles, designs advertising banners, and helps breathe a bit of fresh air to help in marketing and promotions for individuals all the way to big-name companies, manufacturers, and tuning houses. He is also a full-time Lean and Six Sigma Practicioner, where he is commissioned as a Business Analyst and Consultant, tasked to reduce costs and increase revenue for one of the top multinational financial institutions in the world.

Having worked with companies such as Atoy Customs, Speedlab, Rota Wheels, and more (please respect the confidentiality), he welcomes new challenges and treats every project as an opportunity improve even further.

If you would like to get in touch to talk about how THE aSTIG can be of help to you, simply shoot an email to You can also call/text 0922-8433275.

Some say that his secret to making tuner cars go faster is by mixing three drops of Manny Pacquiao’s sweat with every liter of fuel. And that the immense low-pressure area caused when he did a burnout on a twin-charged (turbo and supercharged) Honda Civic running this fuel mixture brought forth the arrival of Typhoon Ondoy; and when he did it again on a diesel 4×4 Toyota Fortuner on 20-inch Dubs and 35-inch Mud-Terrain tires, Typhoon Pepeng arrived. All we know is… he’s called THE aSTIG.