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Preparations for the 2011 Manila Auto Salon

I’m pretty sure that all of the major tuning shops in the Metro Manila district and nearby areas have been working their asses off the past few weeks or months to get the show cars ready in time for the 2011 Manila Auto Salon, which starts from today, the 24th of November, until the 27th.

The same goes with the Atoy Customs crew. The only difference is that they’ll be coming out with some of the sickest, neatest, and most awesome custom vehicles you will ever set your eyes upon this year. I’m not saying this just because I’m sponsored by Atoy Customs, but because with, I’m very much exposed to lots and lots of modified vehicles. And I can say that the vehicles I’ve seen being created inside the Atoy Customs garage are some of the best I’ve ever seen. They’re definitely what Custom Pinoy Rides is all about.

Being sponsored by Atoy Customs, I’m privy to seeing what’s going on behind closed doors. And I get to share with you guys some of the things that I set my eyes upon. Here are some photos that I took, which I’m sure would get your excitement going for tomorrow’s Manila Auto Salon.

Atoy Customs Genesis Amuse Body Kit
Shot on-location inside the Atoy Customs shop. 2 flashes used: YN467 camera left, and TT520 camera right. Both set to about 1/2 power.

See the full article here: Atoy Customs Hyundai Genesis Amuse Vestito Body Kit – Almost Complete!

And some more cars in the preparation stages for the 2011 Manila Auto Salon:
- Atoy Customs Ken Block-Inspired Ford Fiesta Wide Body Kit – Almost Complete!
- The next Rockstar Drift Car: Atoy Customs Nissan A31 Cefiro to R35 GT-R Conversion – Almost Complete!

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