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How To Get A Better Edge For Promotion

Though I’ve been posting a lot on my Car Photography website – Custom Pinoy Rides, this is my first blog post here at my personal space – I AM THE aSTIG. So I hope you’ll like it.

Though I’m more of an entrepreneur on the Photography and Editorial side, I’ve had my fair share of climbing the corporate ladder on the Business Consultancy side. So if you’d like me to blog further about stuff like this, as well as other motivational topics, please let me know on the comments section.

Sample of The Wikimedia Foundation Organizational Chart (Source: Wikimedia Foundation)

A lot of people wonder why they just can’t get that thing that they always wanted – A Promotion. They think that just because their scorecards are way more impressive than the competition, they immediately have that edge. Then when they don’t get the job post, they start thinking: “What did I do wrong?”, or “What does that other guy have that I don’t?”. Have you ever been in that situation? Yeah I know, it happens.

While I don’t claim to be a “guru” at this, I just want to share something that I know… Something that might be of value to you so you can get that Better Edge the next time you apply for a job opening. I’m saying this based on experience, as I’ve worked my way to getting promoted on all of my corporate work experiences.

There is such a saying that goes: “Don’t make yourself irreplaceable. If you can’t be replaced… then you can’t be promoted.”

Here’s how you can use this to your advantage…


When you land a new job, learn as much as you can right from the start. Note that it’s okay to make mistakes when you’re new. You’ll never know the best way to do things right if you’ve never made a mistake. It’s better to make those mistakes while you’re in a controlled environment – training. This is because there’s always a trainer who eversees those mistakes. Learning is best when there is a mentor.

Speaking of mentorship, try to learn from as many mentors as possible. A mentor doesn’t have to be someone with a higher position; mentors can even be your peers! Try to get all the things you can learn from those mentors. Adapt all the best practices, then discard those that don’t work for you. If you learn all the best practices from the best mentors in your field, what do you think that makes you?

To land opportunities that allow you to make mistakes in a controlled environment, you must ALWAYS BE THE FIRST TO VOLUNTEER. Being the guinneapig ensures that there will always be someone there to show you the ropes in case you make a mistake. A lot of times, something comes up along the way that even your mentor is not familiar with. But then you still know that you will try to resolve it together.

Note that what you learn in training is only 20% of the learning stage. The other 80%, you will learn after training – when you enter the real world. Just keep the thoughts that I’ve mentioned above in mind. And remember, experience is the best teacher.


Once you’ve mastered all that you’ve learned teach it to others. Share everything you know, but make sure you get the credit and recognition for it. Teaching other people “the way” earns you AUTHORITY and RESPECT amongst your colleagues, and keeps you in the bosses’ radar. It earns you a “Profile”, which is just as valuable, if not more valuable, than your scorecard. This is a very big factor when it comes to the bosses evaluating whether or not you’re good for promotion. Being the go-to person in your department lets them know you work well with others, and that people respect you.

Aside from sharing what you know, teach others how to learn and teach! By doing that, the next step happens…


People will start to be just like you. In essence, you’ve duplicated yourself! And once they start teaching others, the next step happens…


Once people duplicate themselves, you have effectively multiplied yourself. Then it spreads like an infectuous disease.

If this does not establish you as the best person to lead this group of people whom you have “infected”, the leaders above you will know that you’ll be able to do this with a fresh set of people. Either way, you have already been established as the best leader amongst your peers.


What else can come next? Well… you’re next in line for promotion.

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Think this would be of help to you and others? Or do you have a better way of getting that Edge for Promotion? I, along with the other readers of this site, would certainly want to hear your views and experiences. So please share them on the comments below. And of course, other people would want to hear of this too! So do feel free to share this on Facebook, Twitter, Email, or whatever form of communication. Thanks!

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